Bruce Kroeze (invoke) wrote,
Bruce Kroeze


I spent far too long last night trying to get my Warp-13a PIC programmer working with newer chips. It isn't that the programmer can't handle the chips, it can. The problem is that the only supported driver software is for Windows only.

That causes me a problem. Trying to be productive and effective writing code in Windows is a joke. Once you've acclamated yourself to the toolset and methodology used on Un*x machines, there is really no going back. But this manufacturer doesn't want to spend the time to support Linux, and doesn't want to document the protocol used in their devices. (Why? Is it that miraculous that others would steal their ideas? Doubtful.)

I digress, my point is just that I just can't make myself suffer through the pain needed to cobble together a decent programming environment in Windows. So, I'm thinkng of doing some hacky solution, such as trying to get the driver to run in Wine. I note that it is written in Visual Basic (One of M$'s Really Bad Ideas)... so it may not work. Ah well. If that dosn't work perhaps I can do something with strategically shared drives.
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