Bruce Kroeze (invoke) wrote,
Bruce Kroeze

Password Paranoia

I've got a confession, a lot of my past computing choices were influenced by a fear of passwords & accounts. However, despite the apparent increase in the number of places and tasks which require accounts, I'm getting better at it. The fear is lessening.

Since I haven't smoked pot in a couple years, my memory has vastly improved. This is good. That plus the fact that I don't drink alcohol any longer combine to make my time in front of the computer quite a bit more ... something. I'm not sure of the word I want to use, "present", "effective", perhaps "memorable". Basically, I'm just much less likely to sign up for something and fail to write down the details.

These days, I capture all that information on zSafe, a pretty-good password/account manager I've installed on my Zaurus PDA. That program, along with Mozilla's password manager have been greatly responsible for my recovery-from-password-fear.

Over time, I find myself willing to do things like installing a new version of Quicken, without importing my old data. I've been wanting to do that for years, because my categories and old account info were really messed up, but I couldn't because I had no idea what my ebanking PIN was. I still don't know it, but I can now request a new one and write it down this time.
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