Bruce Kroeze (invoke) wrote,
Bruce Kroeze

Searching for the Ergonomic Grail

Last summer, I decided to pay attention to - and fix - a problem that had been troubling me for years. The situation was that my wrists and fingers hurt almost all the time, and it was clearly due to computer use.

I decided to do some real research with the intent to follow up by adopting a new scheme for interfacing with my computer. To facilitate coming up with solutions, I decided up front that there were no reasonable limits on what I might choose to do. I was willing to learn new keyboarding skills, even to the point of learning to chord-type.

My solution constraints:
- must be possible to use for the medium-term future.
- must not be purely or primarily Window$ based.
- must be at least half as fast as qwerty keyboarding, preferably faster.
- should be programmer-friendly

What I came up with:
- retrain from qwerty to dvorak typing
- vary posture
- get a zero-force touchtyping keyboard with an integrated mouse

[next installment "The Pain of Switching"]
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