Bruce Kroeze (invoke) wrote,
Bruce Kroeze

We need a war with Iraq

We need a war with Iraq. It would help distract [more] Americans from the scandals surrounding the president (and more broadly from the fact that our failing economy is killing the planet) than the start of football season: Nothing compares to the patriotic thrill of watching grainy footage of Iraqi radar facilities - or maybe houses or hospitals; the resolution's never quite good enough to tell - explode into fragments, or better, simply vaporize from the pressure of the blasts.

We need a war with Iraq. It allows those who run the U.S. government - both the politicians, who run the nominal government, and the CEOs, who run the de facto government - to talk about new jobs while increasing their fortunes. It allows the top 1% of America's power elite to speak of patriotism while sacrificing lives less valuable than their own. It brings about an urgency - a frenzy, even - that allows the rationalization of massive public expenditures without even the illusion of a greater good or benefiting the public. It allows them to further centralize political and economic power under the guise of efficiency and national security. It allows them to imprison or execute those who oppose this centralization, with no fear of repercussion. It allows them to praise themselves and others like them for giving voice to an urge to destroy. It allows them to invent, deploy, and use no end of nightmarish devices. It allows them to kill, or rather give orders so others must kill, with no fear of public censure. It allows them to pull off the mask of public nicety and more fully concentrate and exercise their power, or more precisely, their power to destroy.

--Derrick Jensen
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