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New layout for the blog

With thanks to tim_maroney for his excellent LiveJournal style work, I have finally gotten the journal to be much closer to what I want. The BlogRoll will be growing quickly; right now it just lists the last few blogs I'd read prior to starting the redesign.

If the zeJournal icon above has a white background, then your browser doesn't support transparent PNG graphics. You are probably using IE in that case. Seriously, it is not a good browser or a good thing to do to the net for you to use the "Monopoly Browser". I strongly recommend that you install and use something better, because standards are important.

Something Better:

You are not using I.E., but if your browser is PNG broken or renders the stylesheets oddly, I'd like to know. Mozilla and its children (Galeon, Phoenix) render correctly, as does Konqueror.

KMeleon - A very fast, light browser based on Mozilla. It has the great password manager and tabs from Mozilla, neither of which I.E. has. Try it.

Chimera - I've heard great things about this child of Mozilla.
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