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Keeping an Engineering Notebook

While browsing blogs the other day, I came across Overload 48 Editorial - Engineering Notebook, which just hit me at the right time. I've been trying to build up my journaling muscle over the last while, and I feel that I am slowly getting there. Now I'm starting to add the keeping of a Project Notbook to my daily routines.

Keeping an Engineering/Project Notebook has different rewards than a blog. For me, the method of approach is also quite different. I think that is why I haven't managed to keep one going on previous attempts. I've always thought that such a notebook should be kept on the computer. But, I've never managed to find anything which works as well as a physical notebook for the wide-ranging "stuff" which accumulates in a project notebook. Even Emacs doesn't have all the approaches I would want for quickly and accurately capturing ideas on the fly.

So, for the time being, until I have kept a notebook long enough to design a program to encompass it, I'm keeping a notebook on paper. Already I have a hard time figuring out how I did without it. Read the article linked above, it is good.
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