Bruce Kroeze (invoke) wrote,
Bruce Kroeze

Gadget Guy

I am such a gadget guy. I truly love to buy and play with electronic gizmos. I do get some stuff that really doesn't work out, like my old Sharp Mobilon Tripad. It was a submini laptop format WinCE PDA-sorta thing. Yick. I never could make myself use it, even though I spent far too much on it. I've run through for too many gaming-input devices as well. Most are just terrible, shoddily made, or with horrendous driver issues. Sadly, I've never found a PC joystick I like as well as the one I used to love on my old Atari 800, the Suncom SlikStik.

However, sometimes I find the perfect-for-me devices. I love my Tivo. I was an early adopter, bought the lifetime service, and I've never stop being impressed with it. Really, I highly recommend it. Another fabulous gadget is my Sharp Zaurus SL-5500, which is the PDA I've always wanted. I've tried several, without managing to make it part of my life. My little "Z", has made it in, and continues to make me happy a year later.
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