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Sunday, December 29, 2002

10:17am - Testing LJUpdate

Testing Emacs LJUpdate

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

7:00am - Exercises with Mia

I'm reading a book called "Baby Steps: Exercises for Baby's First Year of Life". The first exercises are extremely basic, but interesting and apparently worthwhile nonetheless. Last night I "worked" on having Mia reach out to touch my face. I think she was catching on quickly, since she spontaneously reached out for my face a bit later in the evening.

She was very fussy last night, spitting up a lot and being very phlegmy. Dustin was up with her for a lot of the night.

Sunday, February 4, 2001

8:43pm - Mia

I have the sweetest little baby!

8:42pm - Family Visits

My brother Ben called today. It was great talking with him, especially since he too is a new father, with his son Noah about a year older than Mia. That means he is fair game for "what did you do *here*" questions. Heh. We seem to have quite a bit of similarity in our attitudes toward child-rearing.

He and Laura are planning a visit this summer, which should be fun. Hopefully they'll move here, I think we'd get along famously. Being family, he doesn't raise the "guest" flag for me, which makes him an ideal city-neighbor.

Speaking of visits, my parents are planning a visit to the lovely Oregon coast in late spring. It should be great fun.

Friday, February 2, 2001

3:55pm - Updated Mia's page

I just added another page of pictures of Mia to the website ( She's so pretty, and these are much better pictures.

It makes me want a higher res digital camera to hold all the pictures I'm going to be taking.

Current mood: creative

10:32am - Mail is finally set up!

Wow, that was difficult. I finally got my Linux machine's email account set up the way I want it. It wasn't the OS which made it so difficult, it was my stupid ISP.

My ISP - Earthlink - was supposed to be temporary, to be used while I was waiting to get my DSL line hooked up at the new house. But the DSL turns out to be not-currently-possible, so I am forced to continue using a damn-slow modem. This wouldn't be too bad of a problem, but Earthlink has the wonderful big-brother attitude that it has can & should stop "spam" by blocking outgoing SMTP connections. This won't work, of course, all it does is stop stupid spammers. For example, if I *really* want to use SMTP, I can set up an SSH tunnel to port 25 at my webhost for But that requires passwords and such, and is therefore too cumbersome for day-to-day use. But how to get around their blocks and still use my preferred Linux mailer, Mutt?

Mutt requires an MTA to deliver its outgoing messages, I'm using nullmailer, which I've set to deliver my mail to the only "legal" Earthlink smtp server. The catch is that I've set mutt to forge all my headers to look as if things are coming from my account. Sweet! It works!

I'm going to write a HOWTO for the geek section on zefamily to describe the details. Suffice to say, it works and Mutt rocks.

Current mood: pleased

10:18am - New Journal

Well, I've got the journal set up, everything should be good to go. Woo!

I'm going to use this as a straightforward journal and see how I feel about the "public" exposure which this will involve. I think that this will loosen up the writing juices, helping me meet the vague-goal of writing more, and the specific-goal of publishing a book.

Here it goes...

Current mood: optimistic

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